Company X Border Consulting Inc.
Headquarters 2-1-7-5F, Uomachi, Kokura Kita-ku,Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka, 802-0006, Japan
Business outline
  • SDGs Business Consulting
  • Overseas market research, marketing research
  • M&A brokerage and advisory services
  • Risk management consulting
Founded December, 10th, 2020
President & CEO Hirofumi Hatanaka

Message from CEO

I am Hirofumi Hatanaka who is the founder and CEO of X Border Consulting Inc..
Due to the unexpected outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, normal life completely changed all over the world. In order to face this pandemic crisis, all companies need to develop and sell new products and services conducive to a new lifestyle.

All companies need to pursue not only their own profits but also to intellectually invest in sustainable businesses that are environmentally and socially friendly. Hence, in business activities, it is required to build a business model in which the business itself contributes to sustainability on a global scale while expanding profits and it is no exaggeration to say the future will come when businesses who don’t emphasize sustainability and the value of life will be held accountable by society.

However, there is a limit to thinking and acting independently, and by connecting beyond genres such as industry and technology, and by connecting with overseas companies as well as in Japan, we can develop new products and services and it may be possible to build a new business model.

In X Border consulting, we will create new "possibilities" by connecting possibilities across various borders such as country borders, industries, technologies, races, genders, and generations.

Looking ahead to the era of With / After Covid-19, we will continue to support companies, managers, and society in order to realize a sustainable world.

代表取締役 兼 CEO 畠中 裕史

CEO’s Personal Career

After Graduating Waseda University, began working at a research firm and joined HR Dept. and Research Dept.
Started a business with a representative through an in-house venture system, created a corporate Web, EC site production support business
Studied abroad at University of Nottingham, MBA in the UK through an in-house study abroad program.
Studied under Professor Mike Wright, a world authority on MBO (Management Buy-Out).
Researched M&A methods, Japanese SME business succession M&A.
Joined the Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), mainly engaged in ODA loans and international financial services.
Corporate Planning Dept.
Local Director (Executive Vice President) of a US subsidiary (New York)
Participated in the "Japanese Entrepreneur Survey Project" by Stanford University and the University of Tokyo.
Internet security start-up company
Planned and established a US subsidiary (New York) and appointed CEO
Home gardening products / water purifier manufacturer
General Manager of Administration Department of Vietnam Subsidiary (Hung Yen Province)
General Manager of Business Administration Department
General Manager of Corporate Planning Department
Planned and established of an Australian subsidiary (Sydney)
Planned and established of a general incorporated association
Established X Border Consulting Inc. and became CEO.
Studied and Certificated at University of Cambridge, Business Sustainability Management Course